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World's First Self-Bailing Shells

Quick Release Wing Rigger

Integrated Fin and Rudder

Stabilizing Pontoons

Foot Stretcher Angle Adjustment

3-Way Height Adjustable Seat

Portable A-Frame Boat Racks

Collapsible Roof Racks
Diagram of Self-Bailing System

Features and Options

Hard anodized aluminum outriggers or airfoil wing riggers Standard
Carbon fiber wing riggers Optional
$1,580 for 4- or 4+
$2,100 for 4x
$3,680 for 4-/x
Quick Release rigger device (for aluminum wing riggers only)
Note: Each Quick Release device includes mounting plates, cams, bolts, washers and nuts.
$40 per sculling station
$40 per sweep station
$70 per convertible station
Carbon Fiber Seat, with 3-height adjustable seat frame Standard
Fin, hydro-dynamically shaped and removable Standard
Rowing Shoes Standard
NK Cox-box HD Harness Installed Standard
Bow or Stroke Steering Specify
Note: HW 4+ comes only Bow Coxed; SLW 4+ comes only Stern Coxed

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