Meet our newest arrivals

Are these the fastest boats in the world? Try one and find out.

Available in both International and our super-stiff Medalist constructions.

Our bow mounted riggers are designed to make you faster. Forces are transmitted from you to the boat more effectively and our C-cup rigger-head eliminates torque, reducing power-loss.

The Parabolic 'Cobra' rigger is standard on the clearcoat Medalist. It eliminates stress points at harsh angle changes and its fifth point of connection further improves stiffness and responsiveness.

Please call 203-866-7223, or your local WinTech Racing representative, for pricing on WinTech's new bow mounted 1x and 2-/x's


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World's First Self-Bailing Shells

Quick Release Wing Rigger

Integrated Fin and Rudder

Stabilizing Pontoons

Foot Stretcher Angle Adjustment

3-Way Height Adjustable Seat

Portable A-Frame Boat Racks

Collapsible Roof Racks
Diagram of Self-Bailing System