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Explorer is a new class of recreational shells that incorporates the technology of our racing shells and the performance lineage of our entire racing fleet.

Designed by Klaus Filter as a teaching boat that's fun to row, it's also perfect for the recreational rower who wants optimal exercise while exploring the natural surroundings on the water.

The Explorer is stable, comfortable, strong and sleek. You'll also find the Explorer lighter, quicker, and stiffer than traditional recreational boats as it tracks well, maneuvers easily, and delivers speed typically seen in true racing shells. The new Quick Release rigger can be added or removed in just seconds, making the boat easy to carry and launch.

All levels of rowers will enjoy rowing the Explorer in all kinds of conditions. Perfect for family or club use and for adaptive rowers.

The Explorer 21 and 30 are the official FISA sanctioned rowing shells used for adaptive rowing in the World Championships and Paralympics Games.

Detail Shots

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Quick Release Rigger

21Exploarer Image1 21Exploarer Image2

Get on and off the water faster; get more storage room in your boathouse

Replace your current rigging with our new Quick Release (QR) Cam-Lock riggers or convert your Explorer 30 Double to a pair. See below for info and pricing.

Video Arrow Quick Release Wing Rigger

View how Quick Release Riggers work.

Step-in Seat Deck

21Exploarer Image3 21Exploarer Image4

Increase your stability, by lowering your center of gravity when getting in and out of the boat. This design also helps reduce the stress on your knees and back when sitting down.


WinTech Stabilizing Pontoons

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21Exploarer Image7

Add a pair of WinTech pontoons to your Explorer – a great way to get started if you are new to the sport yourself or would like to share your Explorer with a novice rower.

Blank View Pontoons In Use

Explorer Models and Prices

  Construction Weight Length Beam Wt Cap
Explorer 21 Single C Kevlar/Fiberglass 44 lbs 20' 9" 18" 275 lbs
Explorer 21 Single B Carbon/Fiberglass 40 lbs 20' 9" 18" 275 lbs
Explorer 30 Double C Kevlar/Fiberglass 85 lbs 30' 1" 19" 450 lbs
Explorer 30 Double B Carbon/Fiberglass 77 lbs 30' 1" 19" 450 lbs
Explorer 30A+ Carbon-Nomex- Carbon 65lbs 30' 1" 19" 450 lbs
Explorer 24 Single A Cored/Kevlar/Carbon 34 lbs 24' 6" 14" 240 lbs
Explorer 24 Single C Kevlar/Fiberglass 38 lbs 24' 6" 14" 240 lbs


Aluminum Airfoil Shaped Rigger with Quick Release Cam-Lock Standard
Riggers have 3 adjustment positions and Euro pin slot Standard
Carbon Fiber Seat, with 3-height adjustable seat frame Standard
Fin, hydro-dynamically shaped and removable Standard
Clogs Standard
Rowing Shoes and Associated Hardware Optional $85/pair
Step-in Seat Deck Optional
Rip-Stop Nylon Boat Cover Standard

Additional Rigger Options
Convert Explorer 30 from 2x to 2-

21Exploarer Image8 Explorer 30 Pair
Quick Release Sweep Rigger for Explorer 30 Double
No back stays needed
(Converts 2007 Explorer 30 Double to Pair, includes oarlocks and pins)

Photo Gallery

21Exploarer Image9
Stabilizing pontoons enable the rower
to stand in the Explorer 21.
21Exploarer Image10
E21 and E30 hulls compared to racing shell, blue center.

21Exploarer Image11
Explorer 30 at Duxbury
21Exploarer Image12
Lessons with stabilizing pontoon on Explorer 21
21Exploarer Image13
World Cup Adaptive Rower in Explorer 21
21Exploarer Image14
World Cup Adaptive Rower in Explorer 21