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WinTech Racing has the following selection of used boats, including demos and floor models, listed at attractive discounts from our standard retail price. Detailed pictures upon request. Contact your local sales representative or call 203-866-7223 for more information and for help selecting the right boat for you.

Listings current as of February 15, 2015

Boat Type Model Rigger Type
8+ Vespoli--DM
1x 2012 MW International Al Wing
1x 2012 HW International Al Wing
8+ LW King -SOLD Aluminum Wing (Princeton--HOCR Course Record Boat) SOLD
2-/x 2008 Medalist Quick Release Aluminum Wing (RJ)
8+ 2005 HW Medalist--SOLD Aluminum Outrigger--SOLD
8+ 2007 HW Medalist Aluminum Outrigger
4+ Vespoli D
1x Explorer 24C: Call Robin Jones @ 215-205-9148 Aluminum wing
2x 2005 Super LW Medalist Carbon Wing
2-/x 2008 HW Medalist Aluminum Outrigger (silver paint)
2-/x 2010 HW International Aluminum Wing
8+ 2006 Vespoli EXL Aluminum Outrigger
8+ 2005 HW Medalist Aluminum Outrigger
4+ Vespoli D
8+ 2010 LW King Al Wing
1x 2013 LW International Al Wing