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WinTech Racing's Mission

WinTech Racing is a company that understands that no single purchase is more important to a rower-or a rowing organization-than buying a racing shell. WinTech Racing's mission is to promote the growth of rowing by making it easier and more affordable to buy quality shells that improve performance at all levels. Our product is the WinTech Racing shell, designed in Germany, manufactured in China by the world's largest and most sophisticated boat builder and delivered to you with the promise of long-term exceptional service and support.

We also offer well designed and fairly priced coaching launches and trailers, a full inventory of spare parts and a comprehensive line of accessories, tools and equipment.

By bringing together the resources of the global marketplace-renowned German hull designer Klaus Filter, the Flying Eagle Boat Company of China, and a group of business, engineering and rowing talents in the USA-WinTech Racing has created an organization dedicated to:

  • Innovation in the manufacture and delivery of racing shells
  • Investment in research and development to bring you the latest advances in design and technology
  • Maintaining the best price-value relationship in the market place
  • Providing exceptional service and support through our nationwide sales force

  • WinTech Racing is your complete rowing resource.

    The Winning Team

    Klaus Filter - Designer

    drewharrisonWinTech Racing shells are designed by the renowned shell designer and naval architect, Klaus Filter, former chairman of the FISA Materials Commission and the Director of Research and Development for East German rowing for the thirty years prior to reunification. No architect’s boats have won more gold medals than those of Klaus Filter. Always the pioneer, Klaus has been working with our builder, The Flying Eagle Boat Company, for the past ten years to bring shell design to a new level. By training Flying Eagle’s technicians to use the most advanced construction techniques and materials, Klaus has created a synergy of Chinese high quality manufacturing ability with Western rowing knowledge and standards. The brilliant result is international caliber rowing equipment at affordable prices.
    Read Klaus Filter full Bio

    Flying Eagle Boat Company - Manufacturer

    building The Flying Eagle Boat Company of Hangzhou, China has nearly 200 technicians who produced over 1,000 racing shells per year. In January 2005, the company opened a new 500,000 square foot manufacturing facility, which more than doubled its capacity. WinTech Racing has partnered with Flying Eagle and Klaus Filter to advance the design and manufacturing techniques to a new level while cutting production time significantly. WinTech's director of research and development and our chief engineer spend several months in China each year working with Klaus Filter and Flying Eagle technicians in what we call our 'continuous product improvement cycle.' As a result of this collaboration, in 2005, WinTech introduced the world's first self-bailing racing shell.and possibly the stiffest boat in competition today, pre-preg, unidirectional, high modulus carbon fiber cured at 250 degrees.

    Flying Eagle was founded by John Xiong, the epitome of the "Horatio Alger of China" who started building wooden rowing boats and then, with Klaus Filter, began working with "fiber" boats. Foreseeing growth as a global business, he sent his sons abroad to learn English and more about boat building. (As we know, China joined the World Trade organization two years ago and has become a significant trading partner for the United States. At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, people will arrive to a country transformed.) We’re proud to work with these two visionaries!

    Drew Harrison

    drewharrison Drew has been a National Coach in Canada, Japan, and the U.S., coached in 4 Olympics, been Head Women's Coach at the University of British Columbia and Vancouver Rowing Club, Freshmen Men's Coach at Syracuse University, and now coaches at Victoria City Rowing Club. In 1996, he returned to Canada after serving as Head Coach and Technical Director in Japan, and looked for a new challenge. Drew started Wonderful World of Rowing Ltd. as a personal services and equipment distribution company, importing and selling boats manufactured by Flying Eagle under the supervision of Klaus Filter. Over a ten-year period, he became thoroughly familiar with the superior design, construction and performance of these boats. In 2004, he decided to merge his company with WinTech Racing in order to expand the market for these boats in North America. Together, the new WinTech Racing team is dedicated to innovation in the manufacture, sale and delivery of racing shells, as well as launches, trailers and accessories - all at affordable prices.

    Howard Winklevoss - Chairman of RowAmerica

    johnxiong Entrepreneur Howard Winklevoss is the founder of RowAmerica, an organization dedicated to the advancement of the sport. He was inspired by watching his twin sons become dedicated and skilled rowers at the Saugatuck Rowing Association in Westport, CT and fell in love with the sport. In 1997, he started a rowing program at their high school in Greenwich, CT., so other students could learn to row.

    When the existence of SRA was threatened in 1998 by the proposed sale of the club’s rented land for condominiums, Winklevoss started RowAmerica and formed a Club Division to purchase the land on which to build and manage a new club instead. The Saugatuck Rowing Club continues to be the heart of a thriving rowing community in the Westport, CT. area, with over 1,000 members, including 400 adult and 200 junior rowers.

    Next, a groundswell of interest from other schools in Greenwich, former rowers who wanted to get back on the water and community residents, led to the founding of the Greenwich Rowing Club in 2002. In a little over two years, GRC has built a growing program of 150 adults and 250 junior rowers from every public and private school in the community.

    With two clubs and a combined fleet of 75 rowing shells from many different manufacturers to maintain, RowAmerica began to focus on the way shells are sold and serviced in the US. Winklevoss, his rowing directors and staff of 14 American and international coaches, began to envision change. He met with Drew Harrison and traveled to China several times to meet with Klaus Filter and the Xiong family to lay the groundwork for launching WinTech Racing and make that vision a reality.