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March 29, 2007

Just in time for the spring season, WinTech Racing's complete Guide to
Safe Trailer Driving, available in our Online Store Item 3009, and shipped with a laminated Trailer Safety Checklist to keep in the truck and Trailer Height Labels so you make it through the underpass.
WinTech Racing is committed to rowers' safety on and off the water. And as the manufacturer of safe and durable trailers, we want your boats transported safely, too. This comprehensive 56-page guide covers how to select a tow vehicle and trailer, hitching up, loading and unloading and more, plus a glossary. The laminated Trailer Safety Checklist can be kept handy in the glove compartment for checks on the road. The Trailer Height labels (for truck and trailer) will help prevent problems on the road, too.
These Guides will be used in the USRowing sponsored Safe Trailer Driving Clinics offered by the Rowing Education Foundation for continuing education credit. Check out the WinTech Demo/Clinics schedule or contact for more information.

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