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July 8, 2004

Norwalk, CT. - "In a move to expand the North American market for high performance racing shells at affordable prices, Drew Harrison has joined forces with The Flying Eagle Boat Company of China, renowned hull designer Klaus Filter of Germany and RowAmerica founder Howard Winklevoss to form a new company, WinTech Racing. He has been named president.

Though Drew Harrison Racing Shells has been merged into WinTech Racing, Harrison, when "not on the road," will remain in Victoria, British Columbia and spearhead the development of the company's West Coast Division.

WinTech Racing shells, four different models in five weight classes, from singles to eights, are designed by Klaus Filter, who developed the world's first composite rowing shell. Klaus served as both chairman of the FISA Materials Commission for over ten years and as the director of Research and Development for East German rowing in its heyday. The shells are manufactured by technicians he has trained at the Flying Eagle Boat Company in Hangzhou, China, which just doubled its capacity by opening a new 500,000 square foot complex of workshops.

"These are the same boats I have been selling under the Drew Harrison Racing Shells name for the past 8 years," notes Harrison, "so this is not a startup. What is different is that we now have additional resources for research and development and for marketing our products throughout North America, coupled with a greatly expanded manufacturing facility. We have had a team in China working with Klaus and the Xiong family, which owns the Flying Eagle Boat Company. And, we're completely committed to their effort in making superior rowing equipment at affordable prices, which started as an international joint venture.

Klaus, who was twice winner of FISA's Service of Rowing Award, is well known in Europe and Asia for his dedication to introducing rowing in countries where the sport did not exist. After meeting the Xiongs, he saw the opportunity to help the sport by combining Chinese high quality manufacturing ability with Western rowing knowledge and standards. The result: high caliber equipment at prices that would be within the financial reach of both existing and startup rowing programs. On top of that, the newly expanded plant means faster delivery for our customers."

Adds Harrison: "The first shipments of boats manufactured under the banner of WinTech Racing, now in our warehouses, meet our joint standards for quality, performance and innovation. We've just started bringing these boats to clubs and regattas and are very pleased with the reception and interest. WinTech Racing also is bringing Klaus's new design for wakeless launches to the North American market, plus trailers and a full line of reasonably priced accessories. Every product meets the goals of our corporate mission statement, which, in a nutshell, is to provide: Winning Technology, Winning Performance, and Winning Value."

WinTech Racing is the newest rowing enterprise developed under the umbrella of RowAmerica, founded by Winklevoss to promote the sport. RowAmerica's Club Division includes the Saugatuck Rowing Club in Westport, Ct. and the Greenwich Rowing Club in Greenwich, Ct

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