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Graeme King and WinTech Racing Announce Partnership
March 23, 2010

Graeme King and WinTech Racing Partnership

Norwalk, CT: WinTech Racing announced this week that, in conjunction with Graeme King, the Quantum Racing shell will be produced again in 2010. The first shells are due to arrive for this fall season.

Between 2002 and 2004 Quantum Racing produced a shell that was highly regarded by many elite US coaches. Reintroducing the Quantum 8+ is a strong statement by WinTech, as they have consistently made key moves in the US marketplace in order to maintain and increase their loyal customer base.

“Each company—Quantum Racing and WinTech Racing—will strengthen one another,” says Brendan Crotty, President of WinTech. “When we were presented with the opportunity to work with Graeme we jumped at it. It was an easy, sensible decision for everyone, including Graeme King.”

Part of that sensibility includes WinTech’s partnership with two renowned hull designers, both with a lifetime of experience specific to the sport of rowing. Having both Graeme and Klaus on the same ticket, along with original Quantum Racing engineers, Dave Thomas and Ed Hofmeister, will allow access to an elite team of hull designers, right off the same trailer.

A recent survey shows that Quantum sold about one hundred big boats in their first two years of business. This is further support that reintroducing King’s line of big boats will be looked at very favorably by the elite coaches who took so much stock in them in the early 2000’s. As many US coaches know, even eight years later, the Quantum shells are still in high demand. That says a lot about how good the King/Quantum recipe truly was.

“Everyone knows about the Quantum 8+ and Graeme King, and how successful they were on the race course,” states Crotty. “We have been asked to give US coaches that same quality product once again. So, we’re building a full line of 8+'s with Graeme right on the production line, with the same engineers that built the Quantum, and the same laminate schedule, all sealed up with the same scratch proof, Mercedes titanium paint.”

WinTech Racing offers racing shells, recreational shells, launches, trailers, oars, and accessories. For any questions about Quantum Racing or WinTech Racing please call Brendan Crotty at 203-868-5779.

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