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WinTech Racing Congratulates Women’s National Team for Gold Medal Performance in Brest, Belarus
July 30, 2010

The USA Women’s National Team took out baseball bats instead of their stilettos at this year’s U23 World Rowing Championships in Brest, Belarus. They clobbered the rest of the world in the sweep boat classes (2-, 4-, and 8+) rowing WinTech Racing Shells in each event.

The US W4- began the A Finals by hammering through Australia from well over a length down taking gold by over 2 seconds in their 75kg WinTech Medalist 4-. USA’s Ashley Kroll and Felice Mueller then set a new U23 World Record in their 70kg WinTech International 2- with a time of 7:14.07. The US Women’s 8+ finished the sweep events winning by open water in their 75kg WinTech Medalist 8+.

WinTech Racing was also chosen by Germany’s W4x (Gold) and Japan’s LW1x (Silver). Additionally, the US W4x took fourth in their WinTech Medalist, a huge leap for the US sculling program.

These gold medal performances are a big boost for WinTech Racing as they steadily gain ground on other US and worldwide manufacturers. At this year's Worlds it looked like a WinTech, Filippi and Empacher battle in many of the Women’s A Finals, with WinTech taking the manufacturer’s trophy in the sweep events. Furthermore, having two WinTech shells sandwich Empachers in the A Final of the quad confirms the enthusiastic acceptance that WinTech receives from elite international coaches.

“That was a great weekend for the US National Team and we’re fired up by the results,” says Brendan Crotty, President of WinTech Racing. “We’ve been striving to surpass the industry standard set by the European manufacturers. The results at both 2009 and 2010 U23 Worlds highlight that effort and the confidence elite coaches have in our equipment.”

With their current product line’s success, quality control standards set at levels for the best crews in the world, and the exclusive distributorship of Graeme King’s new composite 8+ (coming out this fall), WinTech Racing is well positioned for more success.

“Our quality and attention to detail has been gold standard for several years now and our credibility has followed suit,” says Crotty. “WinTech’s prices have remained extremely competitive as well. That combination will continue to make perfect sense for hundreds of clubs around the world.”

WinTech Racing provides racing shells, wakeless coaching launches, trailers, spare parts and accessories for every one of your rowing needs. See and to look up your local representative, check out their full line of products and find out how your club can get into a WinTech or King 8+ this year.

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