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King Racing Set To Release SLW, MW, and HW 8+ Models In 2011
December 7, 2010

King Racing Set To Release
SLW, MW, and HW 8+ Models In 2011

Norwalk, CT. King Racing Shells announced Friday that they are preparing to release a full line of Graeme King 8+’s in 2011. The SLW, MW, and HW models will be produced in addition to the LW model, a boat currently in production and being used by US teams. The MW King 8+ design was built along with the LW King 8+ in the early 2000’s and released by Quantum Racing. Both the LW and MW King designs have received a great deal of praise from the rowing community over the last ten years.

A full line of bow coxed King 4+’s is also being designed. The MW King 4+, also released by Quantum Racing in the early 2000’s, was adopted by 50+ clubs in the US and is still used on race courses today.

The LW (70kg) King 8+ was re-launched this fall and set two course records after it was demoed by more than 25 clubs in the northeast and southeastern US.

Princeton University’s lightweight men and Winter Park’s varsity women rowed the
LW King 8+ to course records at the Head of the Charles and Head of the Giblet, respectively. Princeton shattered a 13 year old record previously set by the Canadian National Team. Winter Park’s next challengers were 30 seconds behind, including a crew that beat them by one second at Head of the Hooch.

“We are extremely happy about the way things are going with this re-launch,” stated Brendan Crotty, President of King Racing Shells. “King 8’s are built with the best materials in the world--carbon from Toray, DuPont Nomex, 316A stainless, durable plastics, Adidas shoes, and King footboards and seat tops. Production is being overseen by the exact same engineers that built the Quantum Racing shells and by Graeme King, whose standards and attention to detail are second to none. The only boat we have not rowed the King against is an Empacher. They’re next. Everyone else has come up short.”

The King 8+’s are now available for purchase. To place your order call 203-866-7223, or call your regional representative directly,

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