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King 8+'s Dominate at Australia's Head of the Yarra
December 1, 2011

November 26, 2011
Melbourne, Australia

Last weekend at Melbourne’s annual Head of the Yarra crews rowing the indomitable King 8+ came up victorious, yet again. This is a long distance head race measuring 8.6km long (5.3 miles). The event is for eight's only and starts in the heart of Melbourne and winds up river finishing at Hawthorn Rowing Club.

198 eights were entered, but unfortunately due to poor weather approximately seventy boats competed. The open men and women eights were among those to get their races in, despite the weather. These crews included many members of the current Australian National Team.

Carrying crews among this seventy boat field were two King eights, designed by renowned Australian, Graeme King. The King 8+’s were rowed by Mercantile Rowing Club's open men and open women and both of the King eights took gold--a fantastic result, as both crews started well behind their rivals and rowed through them to record significant margins of victory. The men won by over 27 seconds while the women won by 80 seconds (yes, that's eighty!). That may as well have been five miles with respect to the close races rowers usually face in both sprint and head races. The men’s race resulted in an even sweeter victory given the King is fairly new on the scene in Australia and that Sydney U. and Melbourne U. were rowing shells produced by two of King’s biggest competitors.

Here's a video of the King 8+ doing what it was asked while trimming the corner of the "Big Bend" immediately after their rivals were forced to take it wide:

And here's an even bigger boost supporting the capability of the King 8+ from the one and only, Drew Ginn, seven seat of the MRC Champion Open Men's 8+:

Thanks, Drew, for that awesome testimonial. We're happy that you like the boat and know Rob Walker is one of the best in the business. Nice work!!!

The manufacturer’s race is well under way in the USA as well. Everyone that rows the King loves it. Results from the US rowing marketplace are highlighting a very clear track record of success with respect to crews who race King hulls.

"This boat has been tested time and time again and it's continually winning and setting records as it does so. It's hard to stay contained witnessing all of that success," states King Racing's President, Brendan Crotty. “All of that aside, our goal will always be providing the best boat, the best service, and the best price--the complete package. The relationships we've developed, most recently with the King 8+, are strong support that we're right on the money with all three."

Keep your eye out for the new Superlight King 8+ (ideal for scholastic women and lightweight collegiate women), the LW King (already setting records and winning significant regattas), and the new MW King 8+ (already being purchased by clubs in the US). The MW 4+ will also be available spring 2012.



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