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MW King 4+ Arriving Fall 2012
June 26, 2012

The new MW King 4+ will be available for purchase this fall season. Due to a very positive response about the availability of this shell, production numbers have been increased according to that demand.
"When we first started the plans for this shell we were going to have a few shells available for demo only," said King Racing President, Brendan Crotty. "After hearing coaches say that they wanted the boat right away--that they would buy immediately, we turned to the engineers and production line to get two full containers completed in between March and July." The boats will likely be sent from the factory at the end of July for distribution at the end of August. This MW bow coxed 4+ is the same shape as the highly coveted Quantum 4+ from the early 2000's. It is the fourth King shape to be produced over the last two years at WinTech Racing's China based facility. "We're developing the HW King 8+ next. That boat will be for USA's elite HW collegiate and several international HW men's teams," says Crotty. Are there any small boats in store for the development of the King brand? "We'll see. The King 8's and development of the King 4+ is going really well right now. Both King and WinTech are now very strong brands being considered for purchase by elite clubs around the world. Adding King small boats to the mix seems to make sense, but we'll see."
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