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USA National Team Boat Sale
July 19, 2012


August 1, 2012 marks the end of the fourth cycle of WinTech Racing Shells being used by the USA Women's National Team for training and international competition. WinTech would like to congratulate the U23 women on their GOLD medal in the BW8+ at this year’s World Championships in Trakai, Lithuania,
while using our equipment.

Coaches Terhaar and Kakela put their athletes in WinTech shells because they know exactly what they are getting every step of the way...a winning combination.

Past results at U23 World Championships in WinTech Shells:
2009: Silver BW8+ (USA)
2009 Gold BLW 1x (GER)
2010: Gold BW8+ (USA)
2010: Gold BW4- (USA)
2010: Gold BW2- (USA) World’s Best Time
2010: Gold BW4x (GER)
2011 Gold BW2x (GER)
2011: Bronze BW8+ (USA) LW King 8+
2011: Gold BW2- (USA) World’s Best Time
2012: GOLD BW8+ (USA) LW King 8+

What’s more, the Senior Men's Lightweight 8+, training out of CRI, won US Trials on July 11 using a Lightweight King 8+.
That line-up will represent the USA at Senior World Championships, Aug 14-19 (Plovdiv, Bulgaria).

WinTech is now selling the entire USA National Team fleet for discounted prices so we can continue the cycle of extending our shells to USRowing.
You can help keep that cycle going by purchasing one of the US National Team's shells.
They will be available for delivery August 1, 2012...perfect timing for your summer and fall seasons.

Here is the fleet that you have access to right now with a 5% good faith deposit:
(8) 2012 International 1x's @ $5600 (Deposit=280)
(5) 2012 International 2-/x's @ $8350 (Deposit=420)
(2) 2010 Medalist 4-/x @ $14,000 (Deposit=700)
(2) 2012 International 4-/x's @ 15,500 (Deposit 775)
(2) 2012 King 8+'s @ $31,500 (Deposit=1,600)

Each WinTech Racing shell was rowed exclusively by the Women's U23 National Team.
All boats come with WinTech's GOLD standard warranty and official U.S. National Team logos emblazoned on the hull and decks.

Additional WinTech/King GOLD Medals from USRowing Club Nationals (Camden, NJ):

GOLD Women's Senior 8+ (Vesper-King 8+)
GOLD Women's Intermed.8+ (Vesper-King 8+)
GOLD Men's Jr. B 8+ (Penn AC-King 8+)
GOLD Women's Junior A 4x (Pelham RC-WinTech Medalist)
GOLD Men's Jr. A 4x (Narragansett-WinTech Medalist)
GOLD Women's Jr. A 2- (Norwalk River RC-WinTech MW International)


MW International 1x: 5,000
2005 HW Medalist 1x: 4,000
HW Medalist 2-/x’s: 8,900
2007 HW Medalist 4+: 11,000
2009 LW Medalist 4-/x: 13,000
2007 HW Medalist 8+ (call for price)

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