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SNOWED IN? RowAmerica:Pick-Up and Delivery for Boat Repair
February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014

RowAmerica Boat Repair, WinTech Racing's official repair shop, is now offering pick-up and delivery of damaged shells in need of repair or refurbishing.

While the rowing community has immediately supported RowAmerica Boat Repair by dropping off a multitude of shells for repair, there is still a need to help those clubs who cannot transport their shells efficiently. Many clubs have trailers that are snowed in or off-site for winter storage and coaches are challenged by the looming potential of not having enough seats for opening day. Let RowAmerica help you. RowAmerica Boat Repair will pick your shell up and deliver it after the repair has been completed...all for the cost of gas, tolls and a little time for the driver. Why do it yourself when trips are already being planned on your behalf. If you have a boat that is damaged and needs to get back in your fleet by spring season let RowAmerica do the dirty work for you. Call 203-866-7223 or email to set up a date for pick-up. Thank you for all of your business.

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