In the summer of 2005 when I was training in Philadelphia, my coach suggested that I try rowing a WinTech Medalist single. At that time I had been rowing a very well constructed boat that had been custom built for me.
        Even from my first row in the Medalist I could feel the boat had a better run on the recovery than my custom boat and I was able to attain better speeds at lower stroke rates as a result. I have owned the WinTech Medalist for months now and am constantly impressed with its performance potential. I am hitting speeds in my Medalist that correlate with my best erg scores - something that I had found very difficult to achieve in my previous boat. Needless to say I am very happy with my Medalist - the boat is everything it's claimed to be.  
Jerry Rose
Treasure Coast RC

           Thanks for the advice on the rack purchase. Two days ago, I took my new Explorer for a trial row on Lake Phalen and was very pleased with the new shell.
        It has the responsiveness of a racing shell and the stability of a recreational shell. Since I row in both calm water and open water settings, this is the perfect shell for me. Enjoyed working with your dealer, Craig Schowalter of Rec Rowing, WI. He's great!  
Jim Leslie
MN Boat Club & South Shore Rowing WI

           Love the slings (and the service) . Best of luck with the company.  
Mike van Beuren

           Re my rec 2x... It's working! This afternoon, I made the final adjustment you suggested, dropping Illie's rigger back to the rearmost position. We're finally getting the hang of it! She's starting to get excited about speed now! WinTech construction plus service is hard to beat!  
Dale Raymond
Miami Beach RC

           Thanks so much for making the time in your schedule to pickup my single from the PBC boathouse and delivering it to the WinTech warehouse. Your effort and kindness is very greatly appreciated. I know it is not easy to get to and from the PBC boahouse!. My husband and I have been enjoying being on the water these past weeks. Chuck really likes his Medalist.   
Gail Helfer

           Hello everyone, Christiane Huth convincingly beat all the other top scullers and her team colleagues to become German Champion today in her WinTech boat.
        After the race Christiane came to me to thank me for setting up the boat so well and she said she thought she would not have won if she had used her previous boat. She said that "this WinTech boat has a wonderful lightness about it and goes off like a bomb".
        Hans Gruhne won the silver medal in the junior event also using a WinTech. A very pleasing weekend! Best regards from Germany  
Alex Craven
WinTech Racing - Germany

           We had a great experience with every aspect of WinTech. The demo boat we rowed was very comfortable for two lightweight women. We've spent a lot of time rowing in a big, tubby "lightweight" club double that leaves us battling to set the boat up - the WinTech double was easily adjustable to our individual needs and sizes and was very responsive under many different conditions. The boat's stiffness was comparable to any that we've tried and, with the addition of the high modulus carbon fiber wing riggers, the boat performed well for us during training and racing. Finally, we can't say thank you enough to WinTech for supporting us in our effort to make the National Team.  
Alicia Cole and Michelle Trannel
Pocock Elite Sculling Team

           Well, the guys took first place at States in their new WinTech double. We'll be racing in Tampa again for SE regionals, and probably go on to race at youth nationals in the double.
        I managed to sell our old double and we'll be ready to order a new one pretty soon. I still want to talk to the R&D team to get the specs on the new design so I can decide if we can get a LW boat or another MW.  
Yuval Peress
Maclay RC

           Our Men's V4+ medaled at 3rd in the grand final behind UMW and SUNY Maritime, and our Women's V4+ medaled at 3rd in their grand final behind Johns Hopkins and American.
        Thanks again for bringing the backstay and oarlock inserts. WinTech's customer service can't be beat.  
           The oars arrived today. I can't believe they got here so quickly. Very impressive! If I decide to upgrade my shell - your company will be my first choice. I definitely recommend anyone to your company for service.  
Pat Witt

           I am writing to thank you for the service that you are providing to the rowers of America. Last year, we purchased a WinTech international 8+. The day we received the shell was the day before a regatta, so the first time we were able to put the boat in the water was for its first race. Since I am also a member of the varsity men's A8, I was able to experience the boat on its first voyage. That day, in our new boat, the varsity Men's squad won a gold medal for the first time in 8 years. I can't tell you what an amazing experience that was. We've made a commitment to purchase at least one new boat per year for the next ten years. So far my experience with WinTech shells and customer support lead me to believe that we will continue to purchase from WinTech....it's the service that sets WinTech apart from its competitors. I have had and continue to have problems getting materials to repair damages from other manufacturers.  
Ian Whitlock, Equipment Manager
Clemson University

           WinTech has just made, new this year, a very nice single, the Medalist, which would give a Hudson more than a run for the money. I've rowed it, with the carbon wing, and think it is the best value out there. I own an Empacher. I would swap it for a new Medalist with it's 7 year hull guarantee.  
John Riley